Slim Line 3 – ½” Deep Surface Mounted Series Medicine Cabinets with Top Light

Slim Line 3-½” Deep Surfaced Mounted with Top Light Series Medicine Cabinets

  • This elegant Slim Line Surface Mounted with Top Light (LM) Medicine Cabinets are a very slim profile wall mounted cabinet that projects only 3-1/2″.
  • The cabinet is equipped with an integral stainless steel light fixture with four candelabra base G16.5 bulb sockets.
  • The cabinets are available with mirrored sides or with our traditional luxurious painted enamel sides.
    • Add ‘MS’ to the model number for cabinets with mirrored sides.
  • Mirrors are 3/16″ first quality plate glass and are available in
    • Polished Stainless Steel Frame
    • Frameless Polished Edge
    • Beveled Frameless Polished Edge
  • Doors can be
    • Mirrored (Stainless Steel Edge/Polished Edge/Beveled Edge), or
    • Plastic Laminate
    • Birch Veneer

Product Specifications


  • Heavy 20 gauge prime sheets of cold rolled steel.


  • This reversible swing door is made out of heavy 20 gauge prime cold rolled steel.
  • Equipped with spring-loaded magnetic catch. Press gently and the catch releases, opening the door. Close the door and the magnet holds it securely.
  • The door is mounted with completely invisible European-style hinges which allow the door to sit flush against the wall.


  • Bonderized after forming to resist rust and sprayed with a special white color enamel, baked on at a high temperature for durability.


  • First quality 3/16″ plate glass, with two coats of silver, then electrolytically copper clad as defined in U.S. commercial standard CS-27-36.
  • Warrantied for 5 years against silvering defects.


  • Glass, adjustable 1/4″ thick with polished front edge. Optional stainless steel shelving available.

Shelf Brackets

  • Locking aluminum shelf brackets are removable and adjustable with tabs to prevent accidental removal of shelf.

Door Styles

  • BASCO’s Medicine Cabinets are fabricated with five door door styles.

Product Combinations/Sizes


Polished Stainless Steel Frame Frameless Polished Edge Mirror Beveled Frameless Polished Edge Mirror Overall Size
Glass Shelves
LM423-W LM423PE-W LM423BV-W 16″ X 26 – 1/8″ 3
LM425-W LM425PE-W LM425BV-W 16″ X 30 – 1/8″ 3
LM426-W LM426PE-W LM426BV-W 16″ X 34 – 1/8″” 4
LM427-W LM427PE-W LM427BV-W 18″ X 28 – 1/8″ 3
LM428-W LM428PE-W LM428BV-W 18″ X 34 – 1/8″” 4
LM429-W LM429PE-W LM429BV-W 16″ X 30 – 1/8″ 5
LM431-W LM431PE-W LM431BV-W 18″ X 30 – 1/8″ 5


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