BASCO Inc., a New York corporation, was founded by William Kowalchuk in 1976.

The Company was formed as a manufacturer’s representative and distributors of washroom accessories. After its first year of operations, the Company expanded its distribution activities to include other bathroom accessory products, along with access doors, fire extinguishers, and fire extinguisher cabinets. The Company then became involved in the design of a new line of innovative bathroom medicine cabinets that it had manufactured under private label by various manufacturers.

The new medicine cabinet product line experienced wide acceptance by Architects and builders for its high quality and design excellence. That product line has grown substantially and in 1984 William Kowalchuk acquired the Albert H. Voigt Company to manufacture its expanded line of bathroom medicine cabinets.

Today, Basco continues to hold its position as one of the few manufacturers of high-quality bathroom medicine cabinets made in the United States.

The Company continues to experience very steady growth and has expanded its markets to Europe, Asia, Africa and Pacific Rim. This growth can surely be attributed to the Company’s long held policy of design excellence, consistent manufacturing quality and superior customer service.

We are proud to serve to the construction industry since 1976.



We are proud to say BASCO Medicine Cabinets are MADE IN AMERICA and comply with the Buy America Act

When you are buying BASCO medicine cabinets, which are manufactured in USA, you are not only helping keep BASCO Manufacturing in business, you take a part in helping keep our vendors who are in the USA in business. It is our responsibility as Americans to help keep America working.

We buy all American made materials where possible:

  • Steel
  • Mirrors
  • Paint
  • Glass
  • Adhesives
  • Hardware
  • Packing material
  • Fabricated Stainless Steel
  • Fasteners
  • Shop supplies
  • Tools

We also receive and ship using AMERICAN trucking companies and delivery services.

By choosing to buy IMPORTED PRODUCTS you are limiting THE WORK TO ALL THESE and other American manufacturers. THE MONEY AND PROFITS GO TO THE IMPORTERS AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANIES. PLEASE keep all these circumstances in mind as you are making your FINAL DECISION TO BUY FOREIGN MADE PRODUCTS.